PCB Specifications

Below is a list of minimum and maximum values for PCB specifications and materials and build information. Consider using average or greater than minimum values for designs which do not require tight designs rules, in order for effective DFM.

This Table uses both Metric and Imperial measurement.

Specification Option
Layer count 2 – 16 Layers
Finished board thickness 0.2 – 8.0mm
Soldermask color Green ; Black or Matte Black; Blue; Red; White; Yellow; Transparency
Legend color White; Yellow; Black
FR4 KB-6160; S1141
Tg FR4 (halogen-free) S1155
High Tg FR4 (halogen-free) S1165
Hight CTI S1600
High Tg FR4 S1000-2; IT180A; KB-6165; KB6167
Ceramic laminates high frequency Rogers4350; Rogers4003; 25FR; 25N
PTFE high frequency Rogers; Taconic; Arlon
Lead free HASL 2~30μm
ENIG Ni: 3-8μm; Au: 0.025~0.1μm
Immersion Tin ≥1.0μm
Immersion silver 0.2~0.4μm
OSP 0.1~0.3μm
Plating hard gold 5~60uinch
Plating soft gold 5~60uinch
Hard gold 5~20uinch
Carbon ink 0.10~0.35mm
Soldermask 10~25μm
Peelable mask 0.20~0.50mm
Mechanical drilling 0.2~6.2mm
Max aspect ratio 16:1
PTH tolerance +- 3mil
Pressfilt hole tolerance +- 2mil
NPTH tolerance +- 2mil
Resin-filled via size 0.2-0.8mm
Angle of counter-sink/bore 82° ; 90°; 100°; 130°; 135°; 165°
Counter-sink angle tolerance +-10°
Counter-sink/bore dia.tolerance +-0.20mm
Counter-sink/bore depth tolerance +-0.15mm
Inner layer 12μm (0.3ounce)
18μm (0.5ounce)
35μm (1ounce)
70μm (2ounce)
105μm (3ounce)
140μm (4ounce)
175μm (5ounce)
Outer layer 12μm (0.33ounce)
18μm (0.5ounce)
35μm (1ounce)
70μm (2ounce)
105μm (3ounce)
140μm (4ounce)
Track width tolerance ≤10mil: +-1.0mil; ≥10mil: +-1.5mil
Min track width/space 3/3mil
Min gap between hole to copper (HDI) 6-8mil HDI (1~3 steps)
Min gap between hole to copper 5.5mil (≤8L) ; 6.5mil (10-14L) ; 7mil (≥14L)
ENIG min gap 3mil
Gold finger min gap 7mil
HASL min gap 7mil
Min gap between peelable mask to pad 14mil
Min gap between legend to pad 6mil (print) ; 4mil (image print)
Min gap for carbon 13mil
HDI Lamination Max laminating 4 times
Min BGA diameter 7mil
Min BGA pitch 0.4mm
Min PCB size 12mm x 12mm (smaller on request)
Max. PCB size 580mm x 1010mm *On request
Finished board thickness T≤1.0mm; +-0.1mm
T>1.0mm; +-10%
Impedance control tolerance +-5Ω (≤50Ω) ; +-10% (≥50Ω) ; +-5% (≥50Ω)
Outline tolerance +-0.1mm
Max finished copper thickness Inner layer: 4oz; outer layer: 5oz
Min legend size width: 4mil; height: 23mil
Min radius of inner angle 0.3mm
V-CUT angle tolerance +-5°
Min soldermask bridge width 3.5mil
Gold finger chamfer tolerance +-5°