Why choose Procircuit?

We are committed to supply quality circuits at affordable prices and understand that in today’s economy costs need to be kept to a minimum.

Payment methods

EFT payment is the preferred method of payment for your order and proof can be emailed to us sales@prociruit.co.za. We also have Snapscan for credit/debit card payments. Click here for our SnapScan code.

Check out the FAQ`s

Q:Which files should I send for manufacturing?

For Circuit Board manufacturing we need the gerber files and NC drill file. We also support the follwoing CAD programs: Diprace, Sprint Layout , EagleCAD, Tango PCB, smARTWORK.

Q:Do you have set panel sizes?

No, we panelize according to the size of your order.

Q:For assembly do you supply the components?

Yes, but you can also supply the components or specialized components for your project.

Q:Do you require payment to start production?

Yes, we will need a deposit to start manufacturing your order